April Graduation

On Monday, April 2, 2018 a graduation for five students who participated in the Supervisor Course was celebrated at House of Hope. The five students were Tommy, Curtis, Kevin, David and Nathan. Over the time of approximately four months this course study was prepared and presented by Pastor Joe Mahrer.  Each week Pastor Joe presented a new challenge on how to present yourself as a leader and the tools and means to do so.

His challenge to these men was: 1. Start each day with a task completed; 2. Find someone to help you through life; 3. Respect everyone; 4. Know that life is not fair and you will fail often, but if you take some risk and step-up when the times are toughest, lift up the down trodden and never give up.

Each man was blessed with Holy Water. First on their ear – to hear the voice of God. On their hands – to do God’s work. On their feet – go where God leads you. Pastor Joe Mahrer, Pastor Malcolm Mosley and Pastor Mary Cullianne prayed over each man that the lessons learned will guide them as supervisors at House of Hope and help install in them that life is a challenge.

A video was presented featuring Admiral William H. McRaven, University of Texas at Austin 2014 Commencement Address. To sum the video up the average person will meet 10-thousand people in their life time. You can change the world. But what will the world look like if you change it? For Better? Or for Worst? The choices that you make not only affect you, but those around you, whom you have influenced. It is about teamwork, respect and successful teams.

Closing Statement: “Winners don’t quit, and Quitters don’t win.”