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Future Location of House of Hope

June 2023

Dear House of Hope of Florida Supporters:

On behalf of the staff, Board of Directors, and especially our students, we give thanks to God that we have found acreage for our new campus in Wildwood as well as the funding for this purchase.   

We expect to close on the property late this summer and start the building process soon afterwards.   Once construction begins, we will be posting pictures and videos on our website where we invite you to follow our progress.   Please see the aerial view photograph as well as a rendering of the new campus at the end of this letter.

Since the property where we are currently located is being sold, our director has been meeting with the leadership of other ministries that we are involved with in order to choose the most effective program for our current students.  House of Hope staff will then remain involved in their recovery as well as helping others who need placement in a local program.  The Board will also remain fully active not only with the building process but also with organizing events in the coming year.  

We ask for your continued support of this ministry and for prayers that all zoning requests will be approved so that with God’s grace, we can continue to offer a place of healing for those seeking to break the chains of addiction.

If you have any questions or would like to volunteer to help with the construction of the new campus, please call Gene Barton at:  952-334-1509 or Mary Starkey at: 352-348-0840.

May God bless you all,

House of Hope Board of Directors:  Rev. Jill Beck, Gene Barton, Randy Benjamin, Randy Cline, Bob Harman, Mary Lewis, Malcolm Mosley, Edna Nelson, Mary Starkey, Joe Wilson



See an Aerial View of the new location

Proposed new HoH campus(1).jpg
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